This Kingdom Ministry Training course has been designed to empower the body of Christ in the ministry of the Holy Spirit. This course will bring fresh fire to your life, church and ministry. Our teaching team, led by Peter J. Young, DMin., will bring the biblical background for the supernatural ministry of the Holy Spirit to life. There will be activation and impartation to walk in this ministry yourself! Come expectant to learn and be released in the supernatural.

Peter Young - BridgeWay Church
Scott Pearson - BridgeWay Church
Jack Fairweather - LifeChange Vineyard
Nicholas Barta - Abba's Table Church
Brandon Kolb - Regional Evangelist

Peter is a gifted visionary leader, pastor, revelatory teacher, and apostolic leader. He has strong gifts in both the Word and Spirit traditions, enabling him to walk in both realms with ease. He practices a signs and wonders ministry and encourages the manifest Presence of God and the Kingdom realities in all aspects of life. His passion is seeing people released into their full Kingdom potential through understanding their identity in Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. In addition to serving as the lead pastor at BridgeWay Church in Denver, CO, he is the founder of the Colorado School of Kingdom Ministry, a regional school of supernatural ministry, and an adjunct teacher at Denver Seminary.

Week 1: Introducing the Kingdom of God: Welcome, Class Intro, Speakers Intros God's Kingdom in Action (Testimonies), The Role of Hunger, Impartation, Modeling, Activation, and Practice, Overview of the Gospel of the Kingdom; the Kingdom Commission

Week 2: The Kingdom and the Holy Spirit's Ministry I: The Ministry of the Spirit Foreshadowed in the OT The Holy Spirit and the New Covenant The Holy Spirit and the Pre – Christian The Holy Spirit and the Believer; Our Posture toward the Spirit

Week 3: The Kingdom and the Holy Spirit's Ministry II: The Holy Spirit and the Voice of God; The Holy Spirit and the Power of God; The Holy Spirit's Empowering Presence; Grace as God’s Empowering Presence Key Milestones: Reception of the Spirit, Baptism in the Spirit’s Power, the Continuous Filling of the Holy Spirit

Week 4: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit: A Foundational Understanding of the Believer and Spiritual Gifts; The Concept of the Anointing of the Spirit; The Role and Necessity of the Impartation of the Spirit and Spiritual Gifts

Week 5: Prophetic Ministry Foundations and Activation I

Week 6: Healing Ministry Foundations and Activation I

Week 7: Additional Keys to Accessing the Ministry of the Kingdom: Embracing Kingdom Mindsets; The Big Seven The Keys of Intimacy, Identity, Faith, Authority, Father's Love, Brokering Presence, Prayer/Fasting, Repentance, Forgiveness

Week 8: Inner Healing Ministry Foundations and Activation

Week 9:  The Kingdom and Power Evangelism, Deliverance Ministry Foundations

Week 10: Prophetic Ministry Foundations and Activation II

Week 11: Healing Ministry Foundations and Activation II

Week 12: Kingdom Ministry Protocols; Where to Go From Here